60/m SK6812-RGBW Addressable LED Strip, 4m, 5V

60/m SK6812-RGBW Addressable LED Strip, 4m, 5V

60/m SK6812-RGBW Addressable LED Strip, 4m, 5V


4 meters per roll, 240 LEDs in total. The strip comes complete with 3 pin JST SM male & female connectors with extra power-injection lines. SK6812 RGBWW(2700-3000K), SK6812 RGBW(6000-7000K) color available. 

Download SK6812 RGBW Datasheet

Input Voltage: 5V DC
Max. working current: Maximum 5V @ 80mA draw per LED (all LEDs on full brightness)
Number of LEDs: 60 LEDs / meter
Strip Width: 12mm(0.47in)
Reel Length: 4m(13.1ft)
LED Pitch: 16.7mm(0.66 in)  
Color: SK6812 RGBWW(2700-3000K), SK6812 RGBW(6000-7000K)
Finish(PCB Color): white
Waterproof: Nonwaterproof with 3M tape on the back, IP67 water resistant silicone sleeve
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h

Besides this 60/m density, We also offer 30/m (5m reel), and 144/m (1m reel) density of SK6812-RGBW LED Strips. 

The SK6812 LEDs are very similar to the well known WS2812 and are driven in the same manner. Each pixel on this strip has, in addition to the traditional RGB LEDs, an extra “white” LED which enables a better color rendering than the R+G+B combination. It looks like any other addressable strip, but instead of 3 channels of color (24 bit), you load in an additional 4th channel for the white for a total of 32 bits per LED. This sort of data load may require careful use on microcontrollers with little RAM (460 LED limit for an Arduino UNO).

NOTE: Being RGB/W means many standard Arduino addressable LED libraries are not entirely compatible. Until then, keep an eye on these libraries that do support it:

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