144/m APA102 Addressable RGB  LED strip, 1m, 5V

144/m APA102 Addressable RGB LED strip, 1m, 5V

144/m APA102 Addressable RGB LED strip, 1m, 5V


There are 144 LEDs in total, and each strip is sold in a 1 meter long length. Each strip can be easily cut, or can be 'daisy chained' with other strips in order to produce long chains of LEDs. At the ends of the strips are male/female 4 pin JST-SM plugs which allow multiple strips to be connected.

Download APA102C Datasheet

Input Voltage: 5V DC
Max. working current: 60mA per LED
Number of LEDs: 144 LEDs / meter
Strip Width: 12mm(0.47in)
Reel Length: 1m(3.28ft)
LED Pitch: 6.9mm(0.27 in)
LED wavelengths: 630nm/530nm/475nm
Finish(PCB Color): white/black
Waterproof: Nonwaterproof with 3M tape on the back, IP67 water resistant silicone sleeve
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h

Besides this 144/m density, We also offer 30/m (5m reel), and 60/m (4m reel) density of APA102 RGB LED Strips. 

This flexible RGB LED strip uses the newer APA102C LED chips instead of the older WS2801 chips. The APA102C chips are easier to control and offer faster (20kHz) PWM rates for flicker free performance. This strip comes with white PCB.

Each LED on the strip is 5050 size, and has an embedded microcontroller inside it which controls brightness levels, and interprets the data you send it. Each strip needs two wires to control all LEDs, one clock and one data. This arrangement makes it easier to use with slower devices like the Arduino Uno.

Power supply to the strip is 5V. It's wise to consider that each LED can consume around 60mA at full brightness - multiply that by 144 (per meter) and you have over 8.6A, or about 43W of power dissipation.

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