30/m SK9822 Addressable RGB  LED strip, 5m, 5V

30/m SK9822 Addressable RGB LED strip, 5m, 5V

30/m SK9822 Addressable RGB LED strip, 5m, 5V


This LED strip has a length of 5 m and contains 150 SK9822 RGB LEDs that can be individually addressed using an easy-to-control SPI interface, allowing you full control over the color of each RGB LED. It runs on 5 V and can be chained with additional SK9822 strips to form longer runs or cut apart between each LED for shorter sections.

Download SK9822 Datasheet

Input Voltage: 5V DC
Max. working current: 60mA per LED
Number of LEDs: 30 LEDs / meter
Strip Width: 10mm (0.39in) 
Reel Length: 5m(16.4ft)
LED Pitch: 33.3mm(1.31 in)
LED wavelengths: 630nm/530nm/475nm
Finish(PCB Color): white/black
Waterproof: Nonwaterproof with 3M tape on the back, IP67 water resistant silicone sleeve
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h

Besides this 30/m density, We also offer 60/m (4m reel), and 144/m (1m reel) density of SK9822 RGB LED Strips. 

The SK9822 is almost a replacement for the APA102C and is better than it in a few ways, most importantly its built-in constant current control. If you’ve ever tried to power a long chain of LED strips and only connected power at one end, you might have noticed that the far end of the LED strip has a lower voltage across its power rails because of resistance in the long power connections. For LED strips based on the APA102C and WS2812B, the lower voltage makes the light dimmer and redder. With the SK9822, voltage drops like that are less likely to have a visible effect as long as the voltage stays above 3.5 V.

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